Why Do 49ers Walk Out Of The Tunnel With A Boombox? Tradition Explained

The San Francisco 49ers will be going crazy with a boombox on Super Bowl Sunday when they go out of their locker room at Allegiant Stadium.

Why Do 49ers walk out Of The Tunnel With A Boombox? Tradition Explained

They will be led onto the field by a team staffer who will be holding a boombox that will play music.

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel of the 49ers stated, “It’s just the vibe of the team, man.” “The music makes you want to move.”

Since 2017, the 49ers have approached the field in this manner for every game. This is because Nick Kray, the team’s chief of staff from 2017 to 2022, noted that there was an unusually calm atmosphere when they entered the tunnel.

NFL customs, such as the Lambeau Leap and the Vikings’ “Skol” pregame shout, are among the most recognizable. In a league full of superstitions, supporters embrace what makes their club unique, whether it has been around for decades or just a few years.

Naturally, a team’s ability to reach the Super Bowl is a result of its tradition. For instance, the 49ers started theirs the year they qualified for Super Bowl 54. They’re returning after five years.

The 49ers wanted something louder so that the entire squad could participate, Staley informed Kray the day after the game, despite how much he enjoyed the musical entrance.

Kray then got in touch with Bumpboxx, a business that offers antiquated Bluetooth devices. Bumpboxx sent him customized home and road versions.

Kray led the squad onto the field for the following game while carrying the boombox over his shoulder.

“We created our own party,” he said. “That was my whole thing behind it: I want to create a vibe. I want to create an atmosphere. I want to get that juice going.”

Since then, the 49ers have carried a three-foot-long, about thirty-pound stereo into every game, including Super Bowl LIV.

As the 49ers made their tunnel entry, “DJ Kray,” as the worker came to be known, holstered the 30-pound Bumpboxx on his shoulder. Which song was played on the Bumpboxx first? “The Box,” written by Roddy Rich, was made available a few days prior to the game.

“We start the season off with a song, and if we lose, we change the song. If we’re winning, the song will stay the same until something bad happens,” Samuel said. The WR and fellow captain Trent Williams lead the way when it comes to song selection. In 2022, amid the 49ers 12-game win streak, they settled on “Won’t Step On Me” by NBA YoungBoy.

It forges solidarity and is exhilarating. It gives us a sense of unity and togetherness,” Williams told  Adam Schefter.

Meanwhile, other teams and organizations have adopted Kray’s boombox concept, even reaching college basketball.

Harrison Ingram, a forward for North Carolina, began his college career at Stanford, which is around 25 minutes away from Levi’s Stadium. With one, he convinced the Tar Heels to take the field on gameday.

Armando Bacot, a fifth-year senior, serves as the team DJ, and they have a personalized Carolina blue Bumpboxx.

Kray stated, “I started something, and it caught fire.”

Even though Kray is no longer with the 49ers, the original boombox crew carries on the tradition.

Who is the underdog in Super Bowl?

2024 Super Bowl odds: Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs enter Sunday as underdogs against 49ers
Team Spread Total
San Francisco 49ers -2 Over 47.5
Kansas City Chiefs +2 Under 47.5

What’s the meaning of 49ers?

Sorrell proposed that the crew use the name “49ers” after the explorers who had swarmed the West in search of gold. The squad has only ever used that moniker, and San Francisco is the only place it has ever called home. The original San Francisco team emblem represented the city’s wild beginnings.

Who is likely to win Super Bowl 2024?

Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII odds, spread, and lines. The NFL odds at BetMGM have the 49ers as the favorites to beat the Chiefs.




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