NFL Point Spreads (Betting Odds)

NFL Betting

National Football League is the biggest league in sports. The league is a home for the best football players and is the ultimate destination for fame and money. On the other hand, the football league is also known as the biggest show of gambling. A huge number of bettors earn their bread and butter from the pro football series.

Every year a huge number of new members join the league’s betting line to improve their earning potential. You can also earn millions only through NFL betting. How to do so?

Many of us who are not aware of the world of betting only imagine it. We wonder how we can quadruple our money in the six months of the National Football League. Let me tell you the biggest secret about NFL betting and i.e., betting is so damn easy. All you need to do is understand the popular bet types.

The Point Spread

One of the most popular and easy bets on any American sport including the NFL is the point spread. It is also known as line betting or sides. The only thing you need for betting at the point spread is an understanding of – Underdog and Favorite.

TeamPoint Spread(1)Point Spread
Miami Dolphins+4.5-110
Chicago Bears-4.5-110

The team with a negative number in Point Spread (1) which in this case is Chicago Bills, is the favored team or the favorite team whereas the team with a positive number which is the Miami Dolphin in this example, is known as the underdog.

Now all you need to do is to place a bet whether you want the favorite team to win or the

For example, if you place a bet on the Bills. For you to win the Bills must win the game by a difference of 5 or more points. If that happens then your $110 bet will give you $100. However, if you chose the Dolphins then for you to win the bet the Dolphins must win the game or they must not lose with a difference of 5 or more points. Here also you will get $100 if you place a bet of $110.

NFL Betting Total

PointsPoint Spread

Another simplest type of NFL betting is the Totals. All you need to do is to predict the total score of a game and place the bet.

For example, you can either place a bet over 50 or under 50 as per the above table. If you bet that the total score will be over 50 and the teams scored 34-17 i.e., 51 in total then you will win $100 for $110 and the same goes for an under bet.

Money Line Betting

The point spread is a bit different from the above two types of bets in the Money Line betting. Let us understand it with an example:

New York Giants+250
Green Bay Packers-300

Money Line betting is simply the prediction of a winner or a loser. However, the risk and gain will be higher than that of the point spread. Here, if you will bet $300 on Packers’ win then you will get $100 if it happens whereas if you place a bet of $100 on the Giants and they win then you will get $250. The idea of an underdog and favorite acts here.

Note – I chose the $100 bet as an example however you can either go for a lesser or higher amount of bet but you will always be paid on the basis of the odds.

NFL Teasers

Teaser is a unique kind of NFL betting. It gives you the ability to change the line as per your convenience. I mean you don’t have to go for the basic odds, rather you can make your own line.

Chicago Bills-4.5

In teasers you don’t really need to go for the ordinary -4.5, instead, you can create your own line. Let’s say you wish to bet on the Bills win with a difference of 3 points and not the 5 points as provided in the odds. You will opt for a teaser bet here.

The teaser bet comes at a cost and at the same time, you will receive a lesser amount in comparison to the regular bets.

NFL Futures

We have already seen and understood the Money line betting where you try and predict who will win/lose today’s game. However, if you want to place a long term bet i.e., who will win the AFC division or who will win the ring, then you will go for future betting.

There are the season-long bets where you put your money on long-term decisions to earn a huge sum of dollars.