Mr. Irrelevant To 49ers’ Star QB Brock Purdy: Where Did He Attend College?

Brock Purdy was born in Queen Creek, Arizona, on December 27, 1999, and as a young child, he had aspirations of playing football. He worked on his game for this at Iowa State University and Perry High School.

Mr. Irrelevant To 49ers’ Star QB Brock Purdy: Where Did He Attend College?

In 2022, after earning experience at both schools as a quarterback, he signed a contract to play in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers. Ever since, he’s developed tremendously as a quarterback and football player. With his performances, he has won over the coaches and his teammates, and the Bay Area community has come to love him.

Since his first snap, Purdy has been one of the NFL’s greatest tales, going from being the last choice in the 2022 draft to starting in the Super Bowl.

However, some Big 12 football fans might contend that Purdy wasn’t really a surprise. Despite a few missteps that impacted his draft prospects, he had a fantastic collegiate career filled with many highlights.

Though starting the Super Bowl is quite different than starting the Cheez-It Bowl, Purdy has maintained his composure the entire time.

What records did Brock Purdy Break in college?

Brock Purdy played football for the Iowa State Cyclones while he was a student at Iowa State University. He didn’t break any records while playing college football, but he did set a number of records. These documents prove what made him a competent football player and made it possible for him to be drafted into the NFL.

Brock Purdy college stats

Season Games CMP% Yards TD INT
2018 10 66.4 2,250 16 7
2019 13 65.7 3,982 27 9
2020 12 66.6 2,750 19 9
2021 12 71.7 3,188 19 8
Total 48 67.7 12,170 81 33

Purdy had moments while playing at Iowa State, but his perceived shortcomings and a few bad choices cost him a spot in the 2022 NFL Draft. The 49ers made the last selection of the draft, selecting him 262nd overall.

As they say, the rest is history. Even though Purdy’s career is still in its early stages, he has exceeded all expectations—or not—that come with being Mr. Irrelevant. After an outstanding few games in 2022, Kyle Shanahan trusted Purdy to lead a Super Bowl-caliber group. His faith has been rewarded with a trip to the Super Bowl in Purdy’s first season as a starter.

With just one more victory, Purdy may go from being a fantastic story to a 49ers legend, which would offer the franchise its first championship in 29 years.

Why is Brock Purdy called Mr irrelevant?

Because of how unlikely it was that he would ever play in the NFL, he earned the nickname Mr. Irrelevant as the very last player selected in the 2022 selection. And given what Steve Futterman says from Las Vegas, he has accomplished far more than that.

How much does Brock Purdy make?

After being selected 262nd overall in the 2022 NFL Draft, quarterback Brock Purdy inked a four-year, $3.74 million contract. Based on average yearly income, he is now the 66th best paid quarterback in the NFL this season.

Would Brock Purdy be the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl?

As a starter, he is 21-5, including a 4-1 record in the postseason. The 24-year-old Purdy is scheduled to



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