NBA Star Kevin Durant Denies Misleading Information Spread From A Fake Account

It seems that even when it’s not April Fools’ Day, you need exercise caution when browsing the internet. The great player for the Phoenix Suns, Kevin Durant, allegedly posted a lengthy list of reasons why he is single on Instagram on March 30 with the caption, “Reasons why I’m single.”

NBA Star Kevin Durant Denies Misleading Information Spread From A Fake Account

Parodie Even 14-time NBA All-Star Kevin Durant is not immune to the jokes and misleading information that NBA sites frequently post about its players. The Phoenix Suns player has been the target of countless fake jokes over the years, and he was just the victim of one more.

renowned parody account In a recent bogus post, NBA Centel claimed that Durant had compiled a list of reasons for his single status and uploaded it on his official Instagram account.

This was posted by the well-known NBA parody account on X, “NBACentel,” which is a spoof of the real NBA news-sharing X account, “NBACentral.”

“1. I’m a massive over thinker

2. I care too deeply

3. Im a be safe type of guy. Message me when u get home. Have a good night type of guy.

4. I have so much energy.

5. I give my all to people who don’t give me half back

6. I would do anything to make someone happy even if it means I get hurt in the process.

7. I need reassurance all the time.

8. I’ll push you away when I feel like the energy isn’t reciprocated.

9. I love old school romance and that’s just not a thing for our generation.”

“I won’t call y’all that one word,” Durant said. “I’ma just say a lot of y’all who believe NBA Centel is real just lack the mental capacity.”

One of the most well-known NBA parody accounts on Twitter is NBA Centel, and many people who view their messages are aware of their hilarious nature.

Still, a small percentage of people are unaware of this or mistakenly believe the messages are from NBA Central.

Has Kevin Durant ever dated someone?

After Kevin Durant’s split from Monica Wright in 2014, he began dating Jasmine Shine. Kevin and Jasmine had a discreet relationship in which they enjoyed precious time together away from prying eyes. The pair finally parted ways in 2016, after experiencing their fair share of ups and downs.

Does Durant have a kid?

In an insightful interview, Durant disclosed that he is childless at the moment, attributing this choice to his rigorous emphasis on his work and personal development.

Is Kevin Durant still with Monica Wright?

In 2015, Kevin Durant talked candidly about his failed engagement to Monica Wright in an interview with GQ Magazine. Durant declared his love for Wright and his excitement when  he proposed to her. However, he didn’t know how to love her the right way, so they had to split up.



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