Former NBA Player Rex Chapman Recovered From Gambling Addiction But Lost $20 Million In The Process

When NBA players find themselves unexpectedly wealthy, it may be disastrous to not have adequate financial management. The story of Rex Chapman is a good one; he became addicted to gambling, especially horse racing.

Former NBA Player Rex Chapman Recovered From Gambling Addiction But Lost $20 Million In The Process

“The Boy Wonder” revealed in an interview with DJVlad how, in spite of receiving large salaries in the league, he just kept putting more money into gambling, revealing the startling sum of money he lost in these ventures.

Chapman gave further details on his “irresponsible” and “frivolous” financial mishandling earlier in the same program. Rex admitted that he increased his horse racing wagering from $500 to $1,500 after agreeing to a $10 million contract deal with the Charlotte Hornets in 1991.

One of the league’s top young players at the time, Rex Chapman was a member of the Charlotte Hornets. Chapman, a lottery selection, led the league in scoring his first three seasons. He even received a contract extension during his time with the Hornets.

Even though he enjoyed playing basketball, he also valued gambling because he engaged in it with his father. It strengthened their friendship.

They were very fond of horse racing. The former Phoenix Suns guard disclosed to DJ Vlad in an interview how he lost a significant amount of money following his signing of a contract extension with the Hornets.

“My gambling went from, it probably jumped ten-fold, five-fold, anyway,” Chapman said. “I was betting $500 a race, I’m betting $1,500 a race. It just didn’t make any sense.”

“Cars all the time, going on vacations. There’s just no end to how frivolous and irresponsible that I was. … Had I not signed another contract after those first three years, I wouldn’t have any money left, I don’t think, or it wouldn’t have lasted very long.”

Chapman chewed the tablets and admitted to being “messed up all the time.” He also thanked God that he abstained from drinking since it may have had much more deadly results.

How good was Rex Chapman?

In 666 NBA regular season games, Chapman scored 9,731 points, or 14.6 points per game, dished out 1,798 assists, or 2.7 assists per game, and pulled down 1,645 rebounds, or 2.5 rebounds per game.

What was Rex Chapman’s vertical jump?

Rex Chapman was well-known for his ability to shoot, go on a scoring binge, and finish plays in large quantities. However, Rex had hops if you look back at his career. It was no difficulty for him to dunk the ball because he was 6-4 and had a 39-inch vertical jump.

How many years did Rex Chapman play in the NBA?

Chapman went on to play for four different clubs in the NBA for twelve seasons. The second part of his career was marred by injuries, and he had a challenging post-retirement journey.




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