Watch Video: Cody Rhodes Fans Chant “A-hole” As The Rock Leaves The Stage

Fans learned last week that action doesn’t always stop when WWE’s production staff shouts, “Clear.”

Raw ended with The Rock battering and bloodying Cody Rhodes; following the event, The Final Boss proceeded to pound on The American Nightmare and talk crap to him.

Watch Video: Cody Rhodes Fans Chant “A-hole” As The Rock Leaves The Stage

This week, before this weekend’s WrestleMania, a same incident took place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, after the go-home episode of Raw.

Following the show’s fade to black, Reigns and Rock proceeded to dominate their opponents in the highly anticipated tag team match this Saturday. Reigns chastised Rollins while Rock beat Rhodes once again with his weight belt.

As a kind of cliffhanger before Mania, today’s RAW is the B-show that airs before Friday’s A-show, SmackDown. Oh, and WrestleMania is now a two-day extravaganza, starting on Saturday and ending on Sunday with the WWE world title rematch between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes.

WWE has historically valued New York locations, where tonight’s RAW took place in Brooklyn, although that relevance has waned over time. But with The Rock starting things off to a boisterous audience tonight, it felt like the DeLorean clock was set to the late 1990s on this go-home episode of RAW in “The Big Apple.”

“A-hole,” the crowd chanted as Rock and Reigns got ready to leave the stage right. But the chant didn’t last long since a sizable section of the crowd chanted, “One more time!”, pleading for more violence.

Reigns indicated “Na” to the fans by waving his index finger at them after consulting with The Rock. As the pair, joined by Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa, exited the ring, more jeers broke out.

Is Cody Rhodes staying with WWE?

Cody Rhodes intends to remain with WWE for the foreseeable future. Rhodes reaffirmed his multi-year contract agreement with the corporation on Friday. Additionally, the agreement delays Rhodes’ retirement date. Rhodes, 38, had intended to leave professional wrestling at the age of 40.

Has Cody Rhodes won a world title?

He has not won a world championship in the WWE, despite having a career spanning several companies and several championships won, including the ROH World Championship, the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship, and the AEW TNT Championship.

What year did The Rock leave WWE?

He released The Scorpion King (2002) and The Rundown (2003) after The Mummy Returns. He quit the ring in 2004 to devote all of his time to acting.



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