Daria Kasatkina Reveals Her Love Story with Natalia Zabiiako – ‘She Pretended to Love Tennis’

The intriguing love tale of Kazakhstani star Daria Kasatkina, who was born in Russia, has already made headlines. After disclosing her non-binary love interest in 2022, Kasatkina won over her follower’s hearts by sharing details of her blossoming relationship with partner Natasha Zabaiiko. When the two arrive in the City of Love, Kasatkina blushes and says that Zabaiiko’s declaration that “she loves tennis” won her over.


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Daria Kasatkina was asked if her girlfriend slid into her direct message, sparking the beginning of their epic romance, during an interview with CBS News. This Russian-born Kazakhstani WTA player responded, “Yeah, pretending like she loves tennis,” to the interviewer’s guess. Following her girlfriend’s lead, Kasatkina’s purported girlfriend Natalia Zabaiiako grinned and replied, “I know a little bit.” To demonstrate that Zabaiiko has improved since their relationship, Kasatkina offered her “now more” perspective, to which this WTA star’s partner nodded in agreement.

For Daria Kasatkina’s French Open participation, this charming pair has traveled to Paris. Although there have been reports that they began dating in 2021, they formally announced their relationship in 2022. Although Zabaiiko, Kasatkina’s partner, is not an expert tennis player, she is a figure skater of Estonian and Russian descent. In addition, she won a silver medal in the Olympics in Winter 2018.

With the launch of their YouTube channel What The Vlog, Kasatkina and her partner gained popularity among fans for their distinct connection. They got to work filming the WTA circuit insiders. Following her victory in the second round of the Charleston Open, Kasatkina disclosed that her partner Natasha handles most of the work for their YouTube channel. “To be honest I am just a participant in this thing. Natasha, she is doing all the job, editing, filming, sound, music, everything, subtitles”- she said.

When Daria Kasatkina came clean about her relationship with Natasha Zabaiiko, it was a sweet tale of two people in love. Fans’ trust in love has been restored by Zabaiiko’s incredible support of the Kazakhstani star who was born in Russia. Now in Paris, the pair is aiming to please some fans with a few goals.


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Daria Kasatkina and her partner enjoy the “Capital of Love” in Paris.

Kasatkina and Zabaiiko are in Paris to watch the French Open, where the Kazakhstani player, who was born in Russia, is participating. However, when the couple explored Paris’s renowned Louvre Museum, their romance took a wonderful turn. The caption for the Instagram video that Kasatkina’s girlfriend posted of them sitting in front of the well-known museum said “Capital of love.” Fans scarcely had any doubts about the sincerity of their blossoming romance after this.

The fans were ecstatic when Daria Kasatkina revealed the identity of her girlfriend. They hope that the WTA star and her partner have many more special moments together.

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