After discussing Stefanos Tsitsipas’s “private life,” Paula Badosa makes a sly jab at the media during business hours.

Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas are back together and more powerful than before! “Tsitsidosa,” tennis’s power couple, had broken up earlier in the month but got back together a few weeks later. The pair, however, “didn’t like” how their “private life” was becoming a pleasant source of “gossip instead of tennis.” In light of this, Paula Badosa recently made a pointed remark about the media.

She made it clear that she would rather the media stay out of her relationship, even if she will be watching both of them play at the French Open before the main event. But, she recently responded on Instagram to a question on her personal life that came up during the pre-tournament press conference, mocking the media for concentrating more on her personal life than her career.


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“When they ask you about gossip instead of tennis,” she wrote below that. In addition, she made a point of highlighting her irritated expression, preferring to concentrate on her return rather than her relationship. During the pre-tournament press conference, the tennis player expressed her disinterest in discussing her personal life and expressed her displeasure with the media’s questions about it.

The 26-year-old tennis player, said, “Well, he already said everything. It’s pretty clear the relationship is working very well now, as he already explained, and I have nothing else to say. I mean, it’s already our private life. I think one of the things that, um, I didn’t like, or we didn’t like, is that it was very public.“ 

Along with that, though, she acknowledged that there is a lot to say about their connection and made it plain that her main objective is to keep things private while they attempt to maintain a straightforward and healthy relationship. Before their split, the adorable couple was never afraid to flaunt their relationship.


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They constantly supported one another throughout their individual tennis matches and even played mixed doubles together. After their divorce, the two of them were spotted walking around Paris. Even the Australian Open finalist then said about how his connection with Badosa is really different from other relationships.

The connection between Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas “is completely different.”

Tsitsipas acknowledged that he and Badosa had resumed their relationship in an interview with SDNA, following numerous rumors that they were getting back together. The 25-year-old player made it clear that their initial breakup was necessary for them to go away from one another because they were going through some difficulties.

Stefanos stated, “I realized that this relationship I have with Paula is completely different from any other relationship I have had in the past, I feel that she is my person and we understand each other. And that puts more value in everything I do and I want her by my side as often as possible. So yes, we’ve reconnected and we’re in a good moment.”