After Allegedly Being Stalked, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Daughter Ava Calls Out WWE Superstar

For a considerable amount of time, Simone Johnson, the daughter of The Rock, has served as the General Manager of NXT. Under the moniker Ava Raine, she made her debut in the Black and Gold brand and is now well-known to NXT viewers. That being said, we’re rather certain that she hasn’t been as frightened as she is right now during her managing career.

Why did she feel uneasy? The NXT sensation Tatum Paxley, of course, carried out this current internet activity. The manager herself responded to her tweet after she shared an intimate photo of Ava Raine without permission.

NXT star frightens Ava Raine

Paxley has been playing the role of an eerie stalker ever since she decided to rejoin the black and gold brand. Paxley appears to have a fresh target in mind, as opposed to Lyra Valkyria, who was the victim of stalking earlier. She published a grainy photo of Ava Raine on her X account, showing the NXT manager standing there with no idea she was being photographed. She did, however, immediately repost the post with the message, “what is wrong with you like actually.”


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However, the response to the query can be found in the post’s comment section directly below. “I want to be close to you,” Paxley retorted. Valyria had promised Paxley all the support she would need to win the NXT women’s championship when she had earlier begun stalking her. She later turned against Valkyria, though, after Roxanne Perez won the crown. Is Paxley’s motivation for wanting to be near Raine and to claim the title for herself now? She will, however, have to contend with Roxanne Perez, the reigning champion. Perez, though, has a different idea of the ideal pairing.

As she put it, “We’re trying. Working hard. You know, hopefully one day she’ll come back and maybe we can all do something together. That would be like my dream. I can’t retire until I have a match against AJ Lee”

She went on to discuss how meeting Lee when Perez was twelve years old shaped her admiration for the former WWE star. “I was crying. I was a fan. And was telling her that I’m going to be a wrestler one day. She was so supportive and so great. Then I met her a couple of years later when I was with Ring of Honor. She remembered me from that time and I remember she told me. She said, I hope you blow me out of the water and everyone forgets about me.”

AJ Lee distinguished herself as one of the most gifted and captivating wrestlers of her period. She made her main roster debut for WWE in 2011 and rose to fame fast. All due to her distinct character and prowess in the arena. She captured the Divas Championship three times in her WWE career. establishing herself as a prominent female figure in the company.

AJ Lee received recognition for her contributions to the women’s revolution in the WWE in addition to her achievements in the ring. She battled there to give female wrestlers more visibility and TV time. 2015 saw Shee’s professional wrestling retirement. But her fans are still thinking about her legacy. However, Paxley doesn’t appear to be headed for a matchup with Perez.

Particularly after she aroused GM Ava Raine’s wrath on NXT. How do you interpret their interaction with each other? In what direction do you see it going?

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