WWE President Nick Khan Hints Major Transformation For RAW Post Netflix Deal

This Tuesday morning (23/01/24), WWE dominated the news and attracted attention with important happenings. In 2025, Netflix signed a ground-breaking $5 billion, 10-year agreement to acquire the rights to RAW and WWE president Nick Khan made certain hints for at upcoming changes.

WWE President Nick Khan Hints Major Transformation For RAW Post Netflix Deal

At the same time, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became a full owner of his famous name in addition to joining the TKO board of directors. In addition, he signed a new services and licensing contract with WWE.

Surprisingly, Nick Khan recently shared some fascinating information about the shift in the date or times of WWE RAW on Netflix during a live appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. “Is RAW still going to be on Monday with this big move to Netflix?” was the query.

Nick Khan recently answered inquiries on the show’s future course and if it would still run on Mondays on The Pat McAfee Show. Khan said that keeping RAW on Mondays is the current plan.

He was certain that RAW will perform well on Monday or any other day, even though he acknowledged the tough competition from other athletic events and entertainment.

“At this moment in time, it remains Monday Night RAW. But keep in mind, we’ve got ten-and-a-half months until this deal is up and running. So we’re looking at what you’re looking at and whatever everyone else is looking at…You have a lot of Mondays where there is stiff competition… If we stay on Mondays,  it will work, and if we move it to a different day, we think it will work too,” Khan said.

Nick Khan clarified the situation during the same interview, saying that Peacock and NBCU in the US will still be offering WWE PLE streaming. However, Netflix would also be airing these significant events in addition to RAW for viewers in nations other than the USA, such the UK.

“Our current partners in the United States for all the Premium Live events like WrestleMania is Peacock and NBCU. They have been tremendous partners. This deal with Netflix is for Premium Live Events outside the United States excluding certain territories where we have existing deals like India for example. But it’s RAW globally…” Khan said

WWE is headed in a daring, global path under Khan’s management, with high-end events overseas. With Khan in charge, things seem bright and profitable going forward. Do you believe Monday Night Raw’s dates will alter the next year?

How much is WWE worth?

With more than 200 wrestlers and 500 live events a year, WWE is the biggest professional wrestling organization in the world. With an estimated net worth of $7 billion, WWE has cemented its dominance in the business.

Who is the richest WWE star?

Johnson, a ten-time world champion, gave up professional wrestling in 2019 to concentrate on his blossoming acting career. 1. Vince McMahon ($1 billion in net worth): With a $1 billion net worth, Vince McMahon, the CEO and chairman of WWE, is at the top of the list.

Who is the current CEO of WWE 2023?

Since Dana White will still be the president of the MMA promotion firm, the acquisition won’t have a big effect on the UFC hierarchy. Nick Khan will continue to lead WWE as its CEO and Chief Revenue Officer in the meantime.



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