Watch Video: Russell Westbrook Once Again Fights With A Fan During The Game Against Hornets

Watch Video: Russell Westbrook Once Again Fights With A Fan During The Game Against Hornets

Known for his fiery personality, Russell Westbrook got into a heated argument with a spectator before to the Los Angeles Clippers’ game against the Charlotte Hornets.

A fan in the audience yelled “Westbrick” at Westbrook, starting the incident. The Clippers player confronted the person and warned him not to disdain his name.

Security moved quickly to break up the altercation and keep Russell and the supporter apart. Even after the altercation, Westbrook continued to concentrate on the game, scoring 11 points, pulling down five rebounds, and dishing out four assists off the bench.

When Russell  threatened to expose anyone smearing his reputation, he meant it.

According to footage making the rounds on social media, the star Clippers guard got into a heated argument with a Hornets fan who allegedly heckled him courtside during Sunday’s game at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte.

“My family name is that.” Respect that,” Russell said, according to The Daily Mail. “I got kids, don’t disrespect my name. Do you get it?

“Do you understand? I don’t give a f–k, do you understand me?”

Throughout his NBA career, Westbrook has generated controversy among fans, drawing taunts and insults from rival groups. Westbrook has persevered in the face of difficulties and continues to put up excellent on-court performances.

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently ranked fourth in the Western Conference. However, Westbrook’s ailment had setbacks this season, which has reduced his playing time.

How many Mvps Russell Westbrook has?

In his career, Russell Westbrook has only received one MVP nomination.

How many rings does Westbrook have?

Throughout his career, Russell has not taken home a title.

What is Russell Westbrook career high?

On March 7, 2017, Russell scored 58 points in a game against the Trail Blazers, his career high.



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