The Importance of the Snap Counts: NFL Fantasy Data

For football lovers, it’s oftentimes important to gather information and statistics that may be relevant to having more in-depth knowledge about the sport and league they love. One of the aspects of football is the snap count. The snap count is the count a quarterback makes for their center to pass the ball to them. While it sounds simple, there’s a lot more going on. So, what exactly is the importance of the snap count?

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Importance of the Snap in Real Play

The snap count isn’t just a countdown the quarterback makes; it’s also a way to start plays. Obviously, with the number of players on the field and the inability to communicate because of the enemy team, teams on offense have to figure out how to get everyone on board and make sure everyone knows and executes the intended play. The snap count is a perfect use of that. It’s hard to predict plays just based on a quarterback counting, but a team can develop different counts, speak some sort of code language, and incorporate other forms of communication like body language in order to execute a multitude of plays such as slants and red zones.

There are several distinctions between NFL snap counts and lower-level football snap counts. The classic “down, set, hut” to start a play includes more words in NFL counts so that a play can be conveyed. It’s also spoken much faster so that the offense can get an advantage before the defense prepares for the offense to start their play. Overall, the snap count is a powerful tool that can help offenses earn some free plays and boost communication across all players.

Importance of the Snap in Fantasy Football

In fantasy football, snap counts have a much broader definition, as they represent the total number of offensive plays a player participated in during a given week. The greater the snap count, the better for a player, because it gives more chances for offensive players to accumulate stats and therefore have better players that perform more in a fantasy league.

According to a general leaderboard of fantasy snap count statistics for the 2021 NFL season, the top 10 players are all quarterbacks. This is expected, because the quarterback directs the offense in every play by using the snap and giving away the ball to other players. It’s only when you enter the top 15 that you start to see someone besides a quarterback (wide receiver Cooper Kupp in this case).

Snap counts are an important statistic for fantasy hopefuls as it helps determine how one’s players will do in a fantasy league using offense participation and success rates. Check out NFL fantasy leagues here.

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