Sports presenter Diletta Leotta shares experience with sexist abuse: ‘You’re only here because of your t**s’

Diletta Leotta, the partner of Loris Karius, has come forth about the misogynistic treatment she faces in her capacity as a TV host.

Diletta, who frequently appears on DAZN in Italy, talked about the hate she experienced early in her career.

According to her statement to F Magazine, “The worst thing was: ‘You’re only here because of your t**s.’

“A colleague from Sky Sport told me how people were talking about me.

“I had just arrived, I was twenty years old: it hurt like crazy. At home that evening I let out a liberating cry.

“That brought out the lion in me, I learned a lot. I got my degree [in law] so that no one could ever say something like that to me again.”

It is thought that Keeper Karius, who has had a number of high-profile partners in the past, first met Diletta in Paris.

Following that, in 2022, they started dating, and in August of 2023, their daughter Aria was born.


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Karius, who was previously with Liverpool, has been at Newcastle since 2022, but it appears like he will be leaving in the summer.

And it happens after Diletta, to whom he proposed in February, demanded that he LEAVE because she and their daughter still reside in Italy.

To Tuttosport, she said: “Loris has people at his side who work for him. I live in Milan, so let’s say being close to Milan would be ideal for us.


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“[He should join] Monza or any other team in Italy. I would be happy if he came to Italy to play near his family.

“Newcastle is very inconvenient because there are no direct flights. Neither about Paris nor about Amsterdam.”

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