Sara Duque is “Blocked” for being too hot language coach for some players at Premiers League

Indeed, soccer is a global sport. Sometimes, athletes from all over the world travel tremendous distances to play for a specific squad. If the squad is playing in a nation where the player doesn’t speak the language, a language coach will be employed.

You might turn to language trainer Sara Duque if you’re a footballer joining the Premier League. The former sports attorney claims to have “developed the world-first language program specifically designed for top-level players and coaches.”

Duque provides some information about the services she offers on her website. Her “unique formula” is made just for gamers to enable them to converse in casual settings.

Duque has studied Sports Psychology and Mental Coaching in Spain and the USA, which is an added benefit of working with her. She is aware of the demands placed on professional athletes. This won’t be found with your regular language teacher.

It would seem obvious to hire her as a language coach given that she is multilingual and has studied sports psychology.

The only issue keeping hiring Duque from being a no-brainer is that one. She is very hot. That isn’t her issue. Some of the partners of the players moving to the Premier League have that issue.

Premier League’s too hot to be a Language coach

After going through Sara Duque’s Instagram, the credentials are immediately dismissed. There are indeed reviews that appear on her page, but there are also images of her at the beach in a bikini.

Several of the wives and girlfriends, according to the Argentine program Invasores, are envious of her and don’t want them teaching their spouses a lesson. She can no longer collaborate with their partners because of what they have done.

Soccer players aren’t known for being a particularly devoted group. Keeping someone who has a wandering eye away from Duque makes sense if you’re with them. You wouldn’t want the teaching materials to include the language of love.

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