Bo Jackson Awarded 21$ Million In An Extortion Case Against Family

In a court action against his niece and nephew, former NFL and MLB player Bo Jackson prevailed, receiving $21 million in damages for their attempted extortion. A permanent protection order forbade Thomas Lee Anderson and Erica M. Anderson Ross from contacting Jo and his immediate family was part of the decision that was made on February 2 in Cobb County, Georgia.

Bo Jackson Awarded 21$Million In An Extortion Case Against Family

The case, which was filed in April, claimed that Pro Bowler and MLB All-Star Thomas Lee Anderson was harassed and intimidated into giving up $20 million by his sister, Erica M. Anderson Ross.

According to Jackson, the harassment began in 2022 and included defamatory remarks and messages on social media, accusations made in public that cast him in a negative light, and the release of personal information to the public with the intention of seriously upsetting him emotionally.

They allegedly threatened to show up at and cause trouble at a fundraiser that Jackson was hosting close to Auburn University, his alma school.

According to, he, 61, had previously accused the two of “relentless harassment and intimidation” in an effort to extract about $20 million.

Jackson claims that the abuse started in 2022.

According to WSBTV in Atlanta, Jackson was subjected to serious mental distress due to threats he received through social media posts and direct messages that presented him in an unfavorable way, according per the lawsuit filed in Georgia.

The Andersons then demanded payment in order for them to modify their behavior.

In addition, Jackson’s niece and nephew were told not to speak to him or any of his close family members and to keep a minimum of 500 yards between them from the former running back and outfielder.

“Unfortunately for those attempting to extort $20 million dollars from Jackson and his family, Bo still hits back hard,” Jackson’s attorneys — Robert Ingram and David Conley — said Monday in a news release about the case.

Did Bo Jackson win a World Series?

The 6-foot-1, 225-pound Jackson was the first athlete nominated to participate in the all-star game of two major sports, although he never played for a world champion. Not bad for a guy who, in a sport he called his “hobby,” won a Heisman Trophy and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1998.

How many rings does Bo Jackson have?

Bo Jackson’s career was devoid of championship victories.

Has Bo Jackson ever won MVP?

He  won MVP honors in 1983 after leading the Tigers to victory in the Sugar Bowl. He was selected MVP again the following year after leading his team to victory in the Liberty Bowl. Jackson was given the 1985.



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