Apollonia Llewellyn Dressed As A Bunny In B*k*ni And Wished Her Fans ‘Happy Easter’

With another obscene photo, Apollonia Llewellyn once again went viral on social media.

To wish her admirers a good holiday, Apollonia posed this time while wearing a little Easter bunny costume.

The boxing ring girl wore a pink bowtie, a pair of bunny ears, and some white underwear.

“Happy Easter,” Apollonia wrote on Instagram.

However, the social media beauty received just over 1,000 likes from her 580,000 fans who went to the comments area.

The sexiest Easter bunny ever, according to one fan.

“Love this one,” said another poster.

“Happy Easter beautiful,” commented a third.

This person wrote, “Absolutely Gorgeous.”

One more exclaimed, “Lovely bunny.”

As a ring girl for the Misfits boxing team, Apollonia gained notoriety.

Since then, she has gathered a sizable social media following.

The British actress frequently posts pictures of herself on opulent vacations, dressed in highly conservative attire.

More About Apollonia Llewellyn

Rising to fame as a model and actress, Apollonia Llewellyn is a British-born actress and model who has won numerous awards and accolades for her outstanding work in feature films, high-end magazines, and fascinating commercials.

She is a much sought-after figure in the entertainment business thanks to her incredible talent and steadfast dedication, which have led to multiple accolades.

Her background and formative experiences influenced Llewellyn’s path to achievement. Her early life was marked by an inherent affinity for the arts, likely due to her small-town upbringing.

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